We make award-winning ciders using wild fermentation, minimal intervention and all natural ingredients and no sulphites, letting the fruit be the star.

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Heritage Dry

7.5% ABV  (Available in 500 mL bottles and 1L & 2L growlers)

Dry English farmhouse-style cider made with 100% Ontario Heritage apples, Northern Spy and Golden Russet. Medium gold colour, lightly petillant, complex fruit flavours, bright acidity, subtle leather and barnyard aromas, good astringency and long finish.
(GLINTCAP 2018 – Gold Medal – Dry Heritage Ciders)

Modern Girl

6.5% ABV  (Available in 500 mL bottles and 1L & 2L growlers)

Off-dry modern cider back-sweetened with honey from our farm property with less than 8 g/L residual sugar.
Brilliant straw colour, highly sparkling, refreshing and sessionable, rustic green apple flavours with bright acidity. Our Modern Girl is well-balanced with more depth, astringency and complexity than typical modern ciders. 
(GLINTCAP 2018 – Silver Medal – Dry Modern Ciders)


6.5% ABV  (Available in 500 mL bottles and 1L & 2L growlers)

Dry cider steeped with organic chamomile and other wildflowers from our farm. Light floral notes balanced beautifully with rounded apple flavours and a note of honey.
(GLINTCAP 2019 – Silver Medal – Spiced Ciders)

Spruce of the Bruce  

7.2% ABV  (Available in 500 mL bottles and 1L & 2L growlers)

Dry heritage cider fermented with locally-foraged, early-spring spruce tips. Powerful spruce aroma, puckering acidity and citrus flavours, big astringency, high tannins.
(GLINTCAP 2018 – Gold Medal, Best-in-Class – Spiced Ciders)
SOLD OUT until Spring 2021

Jin & Juice 

6.5% ABV  (Available in 500 mL bottles and 1L & 2L growlers)

Botanical beauty with juniper, wild grapes and sumac foraged from our farm property, giving this cider gin-like accents on a fruity heritage cider base. Fans of our Spruce of the Bruce will love the unique bouquet, full mouthfeel  and astringent finish this cider offers.


6.5% ABV  (Available in 500 mL bottles and 1L & 2L growlers)

Hopped cider using fresh, whole-flower Cascade, Centennial and Chinook hops lovingly grown at Highland Hop Yard in the highlands above the Beaver Valley. This cider is super fresh, fruity and floral – and very sippable. 

Golden Russet 2018 

7.2% ABV  (Available in 750 mL bottles)

Single varietal Golden Russet (our favourite locally-grown apple), wild ferment and unfiltered. Bright and tropical on the nose and pallet with a dry, dusty finish.

Pet Nat 2020

7.4% ABV  (Available in 750 mL bottles)

Exquisite blend of local Golden Russet and Northern Spy apples, wild fermentation, bottled in the Petillant Naturel style. Bold, rustic and ripe apple dances with orange peel zing. Contains lees.

Cranberry Fennel

6.5% ABV  (Available in 750 mL bottles)

Bright cranberry nose plays with a hint of fennel. Tart and fruity flavour balanced with the spice and warmth of the fennel. Lovely rose hue. Earthy finish. Perfect for the Christmas season.