We’d love to welcome you to our cider house, tasting room and bottle shop at 788171 Grey Road 13, Town of the Blue Mountains. Right now, we have suspended tastings, but you can order online, or you can call or text 416-821-6751, email david@greyandgoldcider.com or DM through Instagram @greyandgoldcider.com to set up and appointment to buy.

You can also get our cider at select bars and restaurants. Click here to find a pour near you.

Or if you just want to talk cider, send me an email at david@greyandgoldcider.com.

Or, if you are a bar or restaurant wanting to offer our fine goods to your clientele, drop me a line.

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David Baker
Cider Maker

C: 416-821-6751

W: 226-256-8286